We develop web-based tools & apps
to assist clinicians & their medical practice teams achieve optimal use of HIT.
Infections Can Be Deadly.
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Cientis Technologies is an international developer of web-based tools to assist clinicians and their medical practice teams in the selection, adoption, and use of Electronic Health Records systems and related healthcare technologies. The Cientis Technologies platform helps clinicians improve care and enhance efficiency through education on the effective use of health information technology.

What We Do


Our apps assist clinicians and their medical practice teams achieve optimal use of healthcare technologies. The AmericanEHR Health Alerts app is the first tool that provides real-time push notifications and updates regarding outbreaks and incidents on public health emergency topics, such as: contagious infections, diseases, natural disasters, drug recalls, travel medicine, etc.


Using our proprietary platform, Cientis Technologies develops online communities for physicians and practice managers to support the selection, adoption and implementation of EMRs and related healthcare technology products and services through a multitude of resources: the readiness assessment tool; consumer rating systems; blogs; podcasts; vendor marketplace; group purchase program; and additional online tools.


Cientis provides clinicians, healthcare consultants, policy makers, pharma and technology professionals with syndicated research, surveys, and key insights surrounding user satisfaction and market shares for health technology products and services.



United States

2736 Buckthorn Way
Naples, Florida

Tel: (877) 247-3945
Email: info@cientis.com


1441 East Pender Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5L 1V7

Tel: (877) 247-3945
Email: info@cientis.com

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